Effective advertising is about participation. The best way to reach the JPG community is to become part of it. Participation in JPG creates a passionate, active relationship with your audience. We currently offer the following ways for sponsors to participate in the JPG community.

1. Sponsorships

Sponsored themes are a unique opportunity for an advertiser to participate actively in the JPG community and magazine. The theme sponsor works directly with JPG's editorial staff to select an appropriate theme that highlights a unique characteristic of their brand. Once the theme is selected, the community submits their best photography and articles based on the theme.

The community then votes on their favorite submissions. The winning submissions are selected by the editors, based on community feedback, and presented in the magazine, bookended by full-page ads for the sponsor. Through this whole process, the sponsor is engaged with the community and featured as a lead sponsor for the upcoming issue.

2. Online advertising

Reach a community of online, tech-savvy photographers with a high-quality online impression. Work with our advertising team to put together a banner campaign or a larger sponsorship. Request a media kit today!

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