FAQ and help

JPG basics

  • How do I edit, submit or delete a photo after uploading?

    Just click the blue "Edit" link above the photo (you'll only see this link when you're logged in). Once you make your changes, don't forget to click "Save"!

  • Why can't I submit more than one photo to a theme?

    Out of fairness, we have a strict "one photo per theme" rule, so just select your best photo for a particular theme. It's fine to switch out your submission with a different photo as long as the theme is still open, but keep in mind that you'll lose any votes gained (but you'll still keep all the comments, favorites, and props).

  • What is "hotness"?

    When a photo is submitted to a photo challenge or theme, the photos that the community likes best become "Hot." Hotness is determined automatically by factors including number of votes, comments, views, and favorites. A photo's hotness is not permanent, but can change based on how the community is responding to other photos in the theme, and we recalculate hotness daily. That's why even if nothing changes on your individual photo, its hotness could change based on the popularity of other photos within the theme.

    On the JPG homepage and the first page of any particular theme, we also show a selection of the hot photos in order to highlight the best photos from the site. The photos that display on these pages are pulled at random from the hot photos that we have selected to display. Hot photos also have a banner that links to more hot photos within the theme, along with tools that make it easier for other people to promote your photo on sites like Digg, Facebook, and StumbleUpon.

  • What are "props"?

    A "prop" is like a compliment, or kudos — it just means that you like the photo. A prop is a way of leaving a comment and also saying that you enjoyed their photo. The photographer can then see how many props their photo has received.

  • What if I see something that seems totally inappropriate?

    If you feel there is a photo or story that does not meet our guidelines, you can always report it by clicking the "Report a problem" link on the photo or story page in question. Our editors review all reports, but are unable to reply to them, so if you'd like a response, please contact JPG support directly.

  • What JPG's copyright policy?

    Our copyright policy can be found here: http://jpgmag.com/about/copyright.

  • How do you protect my photos from theft?

    When you submit a photograph to jpgmag.com we hold the original, high-resolution image privately. This is the version that we will use if your photograph is selected for publication. We display a much lower resolution version on jpgmag.com. Although it's possible for users to save these versions, we find that the reduced resolution is discouraging to most would-be photo thieves. Keeping the high resolution versions of your photographs off the website is the most effective way of preventing theft. And of course, our photographers always retain the rights to their work. Our copyright policy can be found here: http://jpgmag.com/about/copyright.

  • I found some awesome photos on JPG and want to use them for a personal project. Can I do that?

    Photographers that contribute to JPG retain the copyright of the photographs; therefore, you will need to obtain permission from each individual photographer. JPG is unable to grant permission, and use without permission would be a copyright violation. Please contact the photographer(s) directly to explain your project and obtain permission.

  • Do I need model releases?

    Generally speaking, you will not need a model release for photos submitted to JPG for editorial use. But there are important exceptions to respect people's privacy rights, so if you have any doubts, get a model release or consult a lawyer.

  • Can I change my username?

    Sorry, but your username is the one thing you cannot change. You can change your display name at any time, but your URL is a permanent link to your photo page. Anyone who wants to bookmark your photos will use this link — so these are unique and permanent for each user.

  • Can I be removed from JPG's mailing list?

    Yes! Just set your email preferences to "no email." When logged in, you can find your email preferences page here: http://jpgmag.com/account/preferences There's also an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every newsletter we send.

  • How do I delete my JPG account?

    Just click on the "Edit profile" link on your profile page, and follow the instructions under "Delete account." But we'll be sad to see you go!

JPG Shoot Out Contests

  • How do I enter?

    You can enter any contest that is labeled "Open for Entries" if you have the required amount of "credits".

  • What are credits?

    Credits are basically a way to reduce the amount of trips to PayPal.

  • How long are contests open?

    Contests are open for entries and voting for an undetermined amount of time. Meaning, we'll decide how long contests are open for entries and voting based on the velocity of submissions, pot levels and votes.

  • How will I know when a contest is open for voting or winners have been chosen?

    The contest page will be updated and we will also contact all entrants via email to let them know when the status of a contest changes.

  • How are winners chosen?

    It's a secret. But, we will say this: Driving as much traffic to your entries for voting as possible will increase your odds of ranking highly.

  • What do I win?

    Placement pots vary based on the number of submissions, cost of entry and number of winners. The pot totals are listed on the contest page by placement.

  • What if I delete my photo?

    Your photo will be removed from the contest and the fee will not be reimbursed.

  • Can I enter someone else's photo(s) into a contest?

    Yes. We have made it possible for you to see a great image and, if you believe it is the one that will win a given contest, you can purchase and use your contest credits to enter the image for the photographer that captured the image and uploaded it. This means that you could potentially enter any image in our well over 2 million images on the site to any contest. This gives users that have great eyes for choosing amazing images an opportunity to, essentially, test out their 'photo editor' skills and helps get images that may not otherwise be entered in contests a shot at great prizes and recognition.

  • Do I get anything for entering someone else's photo in a contest?

    Yes. While it is only fair that the JPG member that submitted the image wins the prize and recognition, we believe you should get something for it as well. Since you had the eye to pick the winning image and the money to enter it, you'll receive: i) a portion of the cash prize; and ii) a special mention on the image's page that you entered it in the contest (stating that the image was entered in a contest courtesy of "you")! Your share of the prize money will be 15% of the prize awarded.

  • What if I don't want others to be able to submit my image(s) to contests?

    Well... why wouldn't you? The opportunity to win a great cash prize without paying the entry fee should be a great reason to let your images be submitted to contests by others. But... if you're absolutely against the idea, you can, of course, opt-out of the option for other users to enter your images in contests. Simply check out your Account Settings page and choose to opt-out.

  • Why don't I see the Enter Shoot Out button on some photos?

    The owner of the photos has opted to not allow other users to submit their photos to JPG Shoot Out photo contests.

Uploading photos

  • Why can't I upload more than 10 photos a day?

    While we only want your very best, we do remove limitations for those who have supported JPG by becoming a JPG+ member.

  • Why do photos have to be 2200 pixels wide or tall?

    The minimum sze is 1000 pixels wide or tall, 2200 pixels is required for publication consideration. To make sure your photos look good in print (not fuzzy or pixelated), we require your photos to be at least 2200 pixels wide or tall and no larger than 10 megabites. When it comes to megapixels, more is better!

  • Can I upload scans from film?

    Of course! We love film. You just need to make sure that you scan your film scanned at a high resolution (they need to be at least 2200 pixels wide or tall).

  • Why do I have trouble uploading certain photos?

    Sometimes your connection can time out with larger file sizes, so be sure to double-check that your photo is no larger than 10 megabytes. If the file is less than 10 megabytes and you're still having trouble, please contact JPG support.

Email/Mobile Uploading

  • How do I enable mobile photo uploads?

    You can set up and modify your mobile upload settings from your email preferences.

  • How do I tag my photos?

    Add tags to either the subject or body of the message like: [tags: horse, barn, john deer, tennessee]

  • How do I add my photo to the "Safe Filter"

    filter your photo by adding: NSFW or nsfw to either the subject or body of the email message.

  • How many photos can I send in a day?

    I don't know.. Let's see!

  • I sent a photo from my phone and I don't see it online.

    It could be any one of the following: 1) It takes a few minutes to send a photo via mobile. 2) Photos must be at least 800px wide/tall 3) Photos must not be larger than 10 Megabytes. 4) Check your preferences and that you are allowed to send photos from the address you sent it from. 5) Only send 1 photo per email. 6) Make sure you are sending to the correct address displayed in your account preferences. If you're still having trouble, please contact JPG support.


  • What is Spotlight?

    Spotlight is a new service we're offering whereby members can purchase premium placement of their — or other members' — photos. Photos that you elect to Spotlight will appear in various promotional spaces throughout jpgmag.com, and will appear 500 times. Each spotlight costs $1.00 (USD).

  • Why has JPG introduced Spotlight?

    Many of you have asked us for ways you can enhance the visibility of your photos on the site. With thousands of uploads daily, it's easy to become lost in the shuffle. Spotlight allows photographers the opportunity to draw more attention to their favorite photos.

  • Doesn't Spotlight create an unfair advantage?

    No! In fact, we think it helps equalize visibility across the community. Here's why: Casual JPG members with a small portfolio and few contacts tend to garner less attention, even if their photos are awesome. Spotlight provides an additional avenue for members to get work seen — one where popularity has no advantage. It's not that we don't want some folks to be popular; on the contrary, we want everyone to be popular!

  • How many times will a Spotlight be displayed?

    Your Spotlight will be shown a minimum of 500 times — we call these "impressions." In reality, your Spotlight may run for more than 500 impressions, because we like to have a pool of different Spotlights to display, and we want each Spotlight in the pool to get a bit of attention before it leaves. We can't say exactly how many impressions your Spotlight will receive, but we guarantee it will be shown 500 times minimum.

  • Can I pay for multiple Spotlights in one PayPal transaction?

    Yes! You can buy Spotlights in packages of 5, 10 or 25, which you can use at your leisure. Once you've purchased a Spotlight package, Your number of Spotlight "credits" (unused Spotlights) will be displayed on your profile. Credits do not expire, and can be used at any time.

Google Analytics Tracking

  • What is Analytics Tracking?

    We've implemented Google's Analytics for tracking visitors to your content (photos, stories, profile, etc) on JPGMag.com. See who's viewing what, where they're coming from, keywords used to find your content and even how much time they spent enjoying it! Just about everything you'll ever want to know about visitors to your photos and stories can be realized with Google Analytics. Check out Google's Analytics home page for more information.

  • How do I setup Analytics?

    Best place to start is Google's documentation. When setting up your "Website Profile" use the URL: jpgmag.com. Take note of the Tracking Code (eg: UA-xxxxxx-x) and type it into the designated field in your account settings. That's it! Your statistics should update at midnight and every 24 hours thereafter.

  • How do I turn Analaytics Tracking off?

    You can remove your Tracking Code from your account settings and disable the Website Profile in Analaytics by following these instructions.

  • How can I increase traffic to my work?

    Possibly the most desirable traffic (eg: views, favorites, votes and comments) you'll receive will come from within the JPG community. The more active you are, the more activity you'll drive towards your own work. Spotlight is also a tried and true method in increasing visibility and, consequently, interaction. Adding links to your photos and stories on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook will also help to drive traffic to your work.

3rd Party Services

  • What are "3rd Party Services"?

    They are opt in/out services that make sharing your best work with your friends easier than ever before by automatically updating your social profiles for you.

  • I get a blank page when trying to enable Facebook Connect, what gives?

    Clear your browser cookies and try again. It's an anomaly with Facebook's API and not something we can fix, but this method appears to resolve the issue.

  • I disabled my Twitter connection from Twitter's website, but it still shows up here. Why?

    Unfortunately, Twitter does not provide a callback method when disconnecting from a service. Meaning: it doesn't tell us, when you want out. We will, however, automatically disconnect your connection the next time we try to send content to Twitter and receive an error indicating that you have cancelled the connection from their site.

JPG Plus (+)

  • What is JPG+?

    JPG+ is JPG "plus" a bit of extra awesome.

  • What are the benefits of JPG+?

    When you join JPG+, all third-party advertising is removed from jpgmag.com; we give you a package of Spotlight credits to promote your photos, plus the ability to view and link to your photos in Lightbox mode, and download your own high-resolution original photos.

    That's not all, though. With no daily upload limits, you can upload (and ‘save’ at JPG) as many images as you want each day. You can upload up to 10 images at a time with sizes of up to 15MB each. You also get access to both the ‘lite’ and ‘advanced’ online photo editor for your images that you've uploaded, so you can easily modify them after upload.

    Oh yeah, you also get a cool “+” badge to let everyone know you're awesome!

    We plan to introduce more benefits over time, at no additional cost. Have an idea for a feature you'd like us to include in the deal?
    Let us know!

  • How can I request a JPG+ feature?

    We're glad you asked! Just give us a holler!

  • I upgraded to JPG+, but I'm not seeing any of my benefits. What gives?

    Since the transactions are handled in the background, you may need to log out and then log in again.

  • Will my JPG+ membership automatically renew at the end of my membership period?

    Yes, your membership will renew automatically. However, you can easily change this preference in your profile if you'd rather it not automaticly renew. If you're logged in, go to http://jpgmag.com/account/plus and choose "Cancel automatic renewal."

  • Can I buy JPG+ for my friend?

    Yep! It's as easy as clicking a link from their profile page. Just below their bio. Unlike a "self-purchased" subscription to JPG+, these are one-time transactions. Neither you nor the recipient will be billed at the end of the membership term.

Photo Links

  • What can I submit to the Photo links?

    Anything phototography related. If you feel your item doesn't fit in any of the available categories, please feel free to recommend a new one.

  • How can I add a "share" link to my website?

    You can add a link to:
    Please make sure URL's are hexadecimal encoded.

  • Do you have a bookmarklet or an easier way to add links while browsing the internet?

    Yup, indeedy. Drag this link to your toolbar: Add to JPG. Now, just click it when you're viewing a page you want to share. That's it.

JPG Market

  • Who can buy and sell in JPG market?

    Any JPG member can respond to ads, only JPG+ members can post ads. Account upgrades start at $9.99.

  • What can I sell in the market?

    Please only list items related to photography. All other items will be removed.

  • How do I edit my ad?

    From the display view, you can click on the title or description text to add additional or remove excess information.

  • How long will my ad display?

    Currently, your ad will remain active until you remove it. We want to help you offload your unused equipment and will continue promoting it until you remove it from our system.

  • How many pictures can I display and how big should they be?

    You can display up to 10 images per ad, please keep them well under 10MB a piece. The smaller they are, the faster they'll upload, but you want them to be big enough to show detail (500-700px wide or tall). All images will be resized to a maximum of 700px (wide or tall) for display purposes.

  • I want to buy something, how do I go about doing so?

    You can contact the poster of the item directly via the contact (private message) link at the bottom of the ad to work out the details with them personally.

  • Do you offer any guarantees?

    Nope. All agreements are between you and the seller. We offer no guarantees or warantees whatsoever. We facilitate the ability to sell, not the sale itself. How you decide to facilitate your buying or selling is up to you.

Off-site promotions

  • What is the "Off-site promotions" setting in my profile?

    JPG may, from time to time, offer cross-promotional opportunities between JPG members and third-party sponsors or advertisers. Since JPG members own all rights to their respective works, the checkbox labeled "Don't include my work" is the default setting until you explicitly change it. If you would like to allow your photos to be used in promotions outside of JPG, you can uncheck this setting.

  • Why would/wouldn't I want my photos to be included in off-site promotions?

    Allowing your photos to be included in off-site promotions may enhance your exposure by allowing your work to be seen by a broader audience outside the JPG community. On the other hand, you may not want your photos associated with third-party services.

Featured Contributors

  • What is a "Featured Contributor"?

    Featured Contributors are selected for their breadth of knowledge, experience and willingness to share educational and inpirational resources with the JPG Community.

  • What are the benefits of becoming a Featured Contributor?

    You'll receive one free year of JPG+, your profile will be marked with an "Offical Contributor" badge, the resources you share (articles) will be featured in special sections throughout the site and will also be featured in other various promotions through JPG and its partners.

  • What are the responsibilities of being a Featured Contributor?

    You must be committed to providing a well-written quality essay (350-1000 words) to JPGmag.com, at minimum, once a month.

    You must also remain in good standing within the community. Violating our Terms of Use or Photo Guidelines can result in automatic termination of this designation).

  • How do I become an Featured Contributor?

    If you are interested in being one of JPG's Featured Contributors, please complete the following questions listed below. We will review all submissions and respond within two weeks of receipt. Please contact contributor@jpgmag.com and subject your email "Featured Contributor".

    Please include the following information about yourself:

    • Full Name
    • Email address
    • JPG user profile
    • Links to any other associated content or profile pages

    Do you have a history of publishing content in photography on other websites or print publications?

    Do you have any academic (teaching) experience in photography?

    List any formal training you have received.

    Briefly describe any professional experience in the photography industry.

    How do you stay current in this field? List any blogs, websites, periodicals, etc. you read on a regular basis?

Safe for Work filter

  • What is the "Safe for Work" filter?

    Since JPG is a site which welcomes people of all ages and interests, it may from time to time be necessary to filter certain photos — from general view. For instance, they may depict themes not suitable for workplace or family viewing. When you enable the Safe for Work filter, photos that have been filtered will appear covered with a grey label in photos, themes, favorites and profile views. Clicking on the label will take you to the covered photo where you will be given the option to view the material. Additionally, when the Safe for Work filter is on, filtered photos will not be shown to you for voting or in Spotlight.

  • How do I enable the "Safe for Work" filter?

    If you're logged in, go to http://jpgmag.com/account/settings and click the checkbox labeled "Enable Safe for Work filter"

  • How do I know if my photo is unsafe for workplace viewing?

    Generally speaking, up and downstairs nudity is considered "Not Safe For Work". Use your best judgement and be considerate of the preferences of your fellow members.

  • How do I declare my photo to be unsafe for workplace viewing?

    You can filter your photos for Safe for Work viewing in one of two ways — either during the process of uploading your photo, or by editing it afterward. When uploading or editing a photo, deselect the option labeled "Safe for Workplace viewing." Members who have their Safe for Work filters on won't see filtered photos without opting in to view them. NOTE: Filtered photos can still be submitted to themes, commented upon and voted on, just like any other photo.

  • How do I know which of my photos have already been filtered?

    Go to your Account Settings and check the box next to "Enable Safe for Work filter". You will now be able to tell which of your photos have been filtered.

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