Photo guidelines

JPG is about mostly unmodified photos. By "mostly unmodified" we mean you haven't deleted or composited elements in the photo. Keep it real, baby! (Enhancements to color and sharpness are fine, of course.)

That said, there are a few things to steer clear of:

Photos that you took

If you didn't take the photo or do not have written consent to post the photo, do not share it here. That would be Copyright Infringement.

Bigger is better

We accept photos that are 1000px wide or tall.

Things that aren't photos

Please do not upload graphic art, paintings, illustrations, screenshots and the like.

Questionable content

We believe "art" comes in many forms and the determination of what "art" is can be highly subjective. It's not our place to be the judge/jury on what constitutes "art". Definitions and preferences can and do vary widely. We expect photographers posting photos containing content that may not be considered safe for workplace viewing will mark their photo as "Not Safe for Work". We provide the ability to control your browsing experience. If you wish to only browse content suitable for workplace viewing, please make sure your filter is enabled. If you see questionable content while your filter is enabled, please use the flagging tools located on the bottom right of photo and story pages.

So what do we want?

We want photos that make a statement, report the news, photos that make a difference. We want any photo that matters, whether just to you or the rest of the world. We want to see through your eyes and into your lives and for others to be able to do the same.

Have more questions? Check out the FAQ and help section.