Plus = Awesome.

Announcing JPG+: Some welcome additions to your JPG experience!

Support us by becoming a member of JPG+ and get some nifty benefits! Plus, we want to give you even more stuff we haven't thought of yet. (You get to tell us what you'd like!)

Benefits for all JPG+ members...

  • Collections: You can now group photos into collections! Simply create a new collection and add your (or other users) photos to it. A Collection can be public for everyone to view or private just for you to view.
  • No ads: JPG minus the ads is definitely a plus! All third-party ads will be gone, making JPG quicker, less intrusive, and decidedly more awesome. (Spotlights will still be displayed and a few pages where Google Search is used may still show ads from Google in the search results.)
  • Hide your images: Upload images to JPG and, if you want, hide them from public view (keeping them at all times accessible to you when you're logged-in). Why would you do this? Maybe you want to store images and not have them publicly viewable, but view/edit/download those images when you're traveling. Maybe you want to upload them and use the photo editing tools BEFORE you share them in the public areas of the site. It's useful and will help access upcoming features as well!
  • JPG Magazine: JPG+ members gain access to all issues! They also receive discounts on back issues and issues printed on demand.
  • Sell stuff: JPG+ members can list their photo gear for sale in the JPG Market! We'll even do you one better and help you sell it by advertising it all over the site until you've parted ways with your stuff in exchange for cash!
  • UNLIMITED uploads: You betchya! As a JPG+ member, daily upload limits will be a thing of the past!
  • Bigger & more files: Upload up to 10 files at a time as large as 15MB each!
  • Spotlights: Promote your work by using Spotlights to place your favorite photos in highly visible promotional spaces throughout Every JPG+ membership and renewal includes some spotlight credits for you to use.
  • Get your originals: Download your full-size photos from JPG — It's not a biggie, but we've received requests for this, so here it is! (Your originals are safe from theft: Only you can download them.)
  • Lightbox: View larger (up to 1000px!) photos on a variety of rich background colors that make photos really pop!
  • Built in photo editor: Easily modify your photos using Pixlr's intuitive photo editing interface.
  • ???????: Yep, you read that right — We want to give you more, so we're asking for your suggestions: What would make JPG+ double-plus-good? Benefits we add will be available to ALL JPG+ members — you won't pay more to get more!

Ready to get started? Log in! Still need a JPG account? Sign up!