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Mist has a quality of generating a renewal of the natural landscape. In an autumn of cool decay, we find mist at it's most intriguing. There is always a sense of luck and a feeling that to glimpse mist in its infinite beauty on a winter morning is a rare privilege when stumbling across a ploughed field, a bare hedgerow, a mountainside, or a coppice of young trees. At once mist is both shrouding and replenishing, it's visceral nature reveals every new dawn and with it, the emergence of a landform that is always minutely different in some way from the day before, be it new growth or creeping decay. This image eludes to a new dawn and renewal in a world that now feels as transient and illusionary as the mist itself.

When light informs mist there is a revelation of possibility and the sense of something hidden and beguiling now becoming visible. Stillness transcends to intricate movement, opaqueness becomes transparent as the mist lifts, and the new world it reveals is always intriguing. To capture the mist and its beguiling personality is to wait patiently for colour, tone, light and shade, to coalesce and provide a truth and beauty that is rarely captured.

Diminishing distance gives mist an infinite quality and with this comes a renewed hope that our fragile world will survive the rigours of our demands on it. This shrouding and renewing seems automatic and regardless of human activity. We sense something untouchable and also fragile, enduring and timeless. An element of nature and climate which will continue to renew and replenish long after we are gone.

This image of mist was captured in Switzerland. No special lenses were used and no filters were employed. Light, tone and colour were on my side and soon after this picture was taken, the mist vanished and the scene was unrecognisable from just an hour before.

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